Feature Request - Add Traffic Data into LFX Insights

I would like to use LFX Insights to track traffic statistics to our github repositories for greater than 14 days. I can get some of this data from github insights for 14 days (Ex. https://github.com/l3af-project/l3afd/graphs/traffic). Traffic data in LFX Insights would allow us to track how much interest we see when there are new announcements and how we are trending over a long period of time. Adding traffic metrics would give us another useful dimension for tracking overall project uptake.

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Hi @jniesz welcome to the community!

Currently we track stars and fork data for repositories, but this is a great point and would add a great amount of value to our platform.

@ProdMgrs what are your thoughts here?

@jniesz the LFX team will be meeting for an off site this week, I’ll make sure to bring this up and see if it can be added to the road map, or at least start a discussion on possibilities.

Thank you for the great recommendation!