Where to learn more about LFX: LFX Documentation & Community feedback for documentation

Hello everyone,

The LFX Platform is enriched with multiple tools that help us in every aspect of open source.

Within our community, we post several helpful walk-through resources that cover different use cases for different open source community roles, but where can you learn more about LFX?

Luckily we have documentation for every LFX Tool.

On our documentation you can:

How to access LFX Documentation:

On the top right of every LFX Tool click the orange ‘Get Help’ button on the top right of page.

On the LFX Platform landing page, lfx.linuxfoundation.org, click ‘LFX Documentation’ under ‘Resources’.

Our documentation team has taken some feedback from the community and we will be implementing an FAQ section to our documentation.

Please let us know if you have any questions on any of the documentation or if you have any suggestions.

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