Unable to take my CKA exam and not feedback on my ticket:TCCS-52437 and TCCS-52279

I failed to enter the CKA exam 4 days ago since the PSI issue, those tickets had been submitted 4days but gets no response as of now, I am wondering anyone can help us on this issue. except the ticket of jira, I have not other channels to get feedback.
need your help ASAP.



sorry you are having these issues. Where did you submit a JIRA ticket?

Do you have a ticket number? Unfortunately this request will have to be solved using a ticket, but keep us up to date here, I can check to see the status of your ticket.

Hope we can help you figure this out.

Hello @KEJUN_XU:

Thank you for your post. The Training team is currently experiencing a higher than normal volume of inquiries. They are responding to each inquiry one-at-a-time, so please bear with us as there will be some delays…

We sincerely appreciate your patience and will address your questions and concerns through the support process as quickly as possible. DUPLICATE TICKETS ARE NOT REQUIRED.