Unable to schedule CKAD exam from my dashboard : JIRA Ticket TCCS-57697 (No feedback)

Please allow me to post here.
Due to the issues with JIRA Ticket TCCS-57405 and TCCS-57476 raised 4 days ago, I’m currently unable to schedule exams from my dashboard like attachment.
Please fix this issue immediately.

Hi @Tatsuhiro_Miura my sincerest apologies for the inconvenience here. Our training team is experiencing high volumes of tickets right now, and is just coming back off of holiday.

I’ll send out some messages today to check up on the status of the training tickets.

First of all, @Henry_Quaye san, thank you so much for your reply.
I understood your situation, however I had schedule take CKAD exam on last sunday and had wating for fixed by administrator my problem in the room of take exam on sunday all the day.
In addition, I’ve raised this problem with jira ticket 2 days before from my exam day (TCCS-57405 and TCCS-57476). Could you please understand on my situation?
And I’d like to take CKAD exam in this week, so I hope fix the problem for TCCS-57697 raised prioritize.

BTW, you said that “I’ll send out some messages today to check up on the status of the training tickets.”, but I didn’t received any your message until now.
If you said that your messages is in progress for SUPPORT-15464, please change to TCCS-57697 (both problems which TCCS-57405 and TCCS-57476 as same as this) like attachment (inside the red line). My top priority is TCCS-57697.
I’m looking forward to reply your message ASAP and I really appreciate your support.
Best Regards,

Hi @Henry_Quaye, do you have any udpates on this matter?
Currentry, nothing has improved my situation and problem…It’s been a week since the problem happen…I become very anxious right now.
Could you assign to someone for my jira ticket request of TCCS-57697 ASAP?
When can I schedule and take the exam…?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to your response ASAP.
Best Regard,
Tatsuhiro Miura

Hi @Tatsuhiro_Miura I will not be the one replying to your tickets on JIRA, I’ve heard the training team just got back from a team training event, and I know there are a lot of tickets. I’ll ping some members from the training team and see if they can take a look into TCCS-57697, but I would recommend consolidating your tickets if TCCS-57697 is the main issue.