Question on committee count

Where the number of Committee Members is listed reported on the main Committee page, the number reflect a sum of the de-duped, unique members across all of the committees, or if BobbySue sits on 3 committees is she counted 3 times?


Hi @Kenny_Paul good question! @jme or @emsearcy could either of you assist with this?

Hey @Kenny_Paul so just synced up with some others, it doesn’t account for duplicate members so Bobby Sue will be counted for 3 times.

@emsearcy It may be a good idea to add some hover over text, or additional copy to give our communities additional context, while using the tool.

I think that long term de-duping would probably be the correct thing to do down the road, but the hover text will fit the bill in the near term :slight_smile:

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Actually, last month I asked the team to replace this metric (which, IMO, was pointless as it did not de-dupe), and make it more consistent with the Meetings page, rather than jumping straight from “number of committees” to “meeting attendance” – because then you loose context on how many/which meetings are being counted for that attendance metric.

Feel free to view (staff only access) to see the updated stats, along with MANY added tooltips!

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