Meeting invites come from 'Unknown Organizer'

One odd thing is that both the calendar invite for meetings, as well as the Zoom provisioned, say they are coming from ‘Unknown Organizer’. Thinking this should be something else to avoid folks raising eyebrows on these invites :wink:

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Hey @John_Mertic, I think this is a good suggestion to look into… I’ll move this into the suggestions category, but I believe this is connected to the host conversation mentioned here: Experience using Meeting Management for the first time - #4 by Henry_Quaye

@emsearcy will it be possible to change the messaging of meeting invites to possibly reflect the project that set up the meeting?

What would your desired “something else” be @John_Mertic?

Hi John,

This is a known and ticketed issue in our backlog which should be fixed shortly, in the next sprint. We set a value for the organizer which isn’t accurately read by google calendar.


Ahh thank you @jme :love_you_gesture:

Yes - thanks @jme !