Changing title of meeting doesn't update Google Calendar


I set up a meeting in PCC but then realized the title had a typo in it and changed that title to correct it. While the new invite came over with the right title, it didn’t change the meeting title in my Google Calendar. Any ideas on why?

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Hi John,

I apologize I missed this last week. That behavior is unexpected. I have filed a ticket ITX-2452 for this.

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Awesome - thanks @jme!

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Hi @John_Mertic,

I tested this and was not able to recreate it. Here are a couple of possibilities:

  1. Were you a direct participant of the meeting? Google can sometimes get confused if an alias or email forward is used instead of your email address
  2. How old was the meeting? There was a previous bug where meetings created a while back (several months ago) cannot be updated properly due to a combination of settings in the ICS invite.

What was the meeting ID? I want to look into the logs and see if there is anything particular about the meeting this happened on.

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  1. Yes
  2. It’s one for the future, not sure if that helps.
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