LFX Project Control Center View meeting participants update

Hello everyone,

As some people know we’ve made several updates to Project Control Center in efforts to enhance our user experience.

With this came several functionality and UI changes.

One change we want to bring to your attention is how we look at our meeting participants.

When we click to view participants for the meeting it is important to note this will currently take us to our manage meeting page

We’ve recently realized that upon viewing participants within the manage meeting page, users are leveraging ‘Select a Committee’ to filter and view who is invited to the meeting.

The issue we’ve seen is if or when users change committees to view if certain members are invited to the meeting, once they click save, they have now sent out new invites to the meeting participants, and possibly changed the associated committee for the meeting.

We’re working on some updates to enhance this experience for our users, if you have any questions or recommendations please feel free to comment below. :slight_smile: