Issues with name search in Individual Dashboard

See images. Basically, I can’t search a person’s whole name, but if I search for one part or the other I can find them.

Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 7.00.26 AM

Will log this to suggest better search experience @John_Mertic

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@John_Mertic this was also brought up by @Brandon_Wick a bit ago in this post:

Searching for community members - Get LFX Tool Help / Individual Dashboard [v2 BETA] - LFX Community Forums

We found that searching for community members right now is best done by their username or email address linked with their account.

@John_Mertic The best workaround, for now, seems to be to search for users by email address.

@Nadia_Shomali thank you for logging this suggestion, could you let us know when this update gets pushed?

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