Is there an API for getting analytics?

We are interested in providing analytics for our project reports automatically. Is there an API that will allow us to query the different insights provided for a particular subproject?

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Hi @tkuhrt, welcome to the community!

Great question, I’ll have to check if we have an API available to allow you to automatically query different Insights provided for a particular subproject. @ProdMgrs can any of you assist here?

Are you looking at data for a particular metric?

In the meantime, with a few clicks you can view your organization’s contribution and contributor data by commits, pull requests, and issues for a subproject in Org Dashboard .

  1. Search for the parent project
  2. Select your desired subproject
  3. Review contributions insight

You can also achieve this in Insights using filters, for your organization and the subproject but again this will take be a few clicks.

Let me know if this was helpful, I’ll get back to you regarding the API for your use case

Hi @tkuhrt ,

I just confirmed that this is on our product development roadmap for Insights and our developers are aware of this.

Currently, Insights does not have API support for analytical data, but you should be able to access the data utilizing Organization Dashboard or Insights.

Were you able to locate your desired reports using Organization Dashboard?

Thanks for the update, @Henry_Quaye. Within Hyperledger, we have quarterly reports that help the TSC understand the health of the project and what is happening in the project. We have had a request to automate some of this report by providing metrics inline. Things that we look at our contributor metrics (new contributors, core contributors, active contributors, inactive contributors, number of contributions).

I am glad to hear that this is on the roadmap. Currently, our community must provide links to the correct sub-projects insights page. We are trying to make things easier for the projects to complete their reports.


My pleasure, @tkuhrt. Same, Insights is planning to open-source their connectors, and this would empower many contributors in open source communities.

Sounds like most of what you’re looking for would be found in the Trends section of Insights, maybe a few using filters for Technical Metrics or the Community Leaderboard.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you ever run into any trouble finding data on a particular use case needed for any of your reports.