Insights v3 January product update & release notes

Insights January v3 product update & release notes


  • Mailing List
    • Create the ability to connect Mailing List data visualization from

WIP (status)

  • Mailing List
    • Bug fixing & continuous product QA items being addressed
    • User feedback prioritized in backlog
    • Released in January
  • Gerrit
    • Frontend & Connector complete
    • Addressing Connector defects found in QA / product testing
    • QA ongoing
    • Expected release in February
  • Confluence
    • Frontend & Connector
    • Backend: working on implementing the last cubes & addressing defects related to Connector & feature needs for design
    • QA: Ongoing
    • Expected release in February
  • Top & Left navigation
    • Improvements to be released in February with Gerrit & Confluence features
  • JIRA
    • Connector: fully done, being reviewed
    • Frontend and backend: to start
    • Design: working to finalize design ahead of development



  • Added new time ranges in the time filter
  • Improved the handling between missing data and zeros
  • Multiple batches of UI/UX improvements
  • Added email obfuscation for Mailing Lists
  • Improved handling of anonymous users for Mailing Lists

Stability and Performance

  • Added support in the BFF to dynamically translate Postgres-based queries to Snowflake-based ones until we completely remove Postgres
  • Ported almost all the Postgres-based cubes to Snowflake-based cubes
  • Ported almost all the Postgres materialized views to DBT transformations an data models in Snowflake
  • Refactored how the requests are done by the frontend to the BFF that was causing big performance issues when rendering projects page
  • Tested and reverted cube multi-clustering and multi-tenancy


  • Hid projects that are not attached to any data source supported by Insights
  • Preserved repositories selection in the filter when moving between dashboards
  • Fixed ordering of projects card when stats are null
  • Fixed work time zone handling for the “Outside work hours” chart
  • Fixed projects card ordering by making case insensitive

Thanks @mcderk ! To be clear, this is referring to Insights v3, correct? v2 is not impacted?

correct, only v3