**Insights V3 RELEASE V0.1.16**

Insights V3 RELEASE V0.1.16


  • Enabled Gerrit projects
  • Improve front-end caching for components in the Velocity and Productivity section
  • Change predefined data time filters
    UI Enhancements
  • Upgraded to the new version of Angular ver 17 (including dependency components)
  • Changed the UI components used for time filter selection
  • Update the language on tooltip for Patchsets activities and Changesets
  • Added new loading animation on the foundation → projects page
    Bug Fixes
  • Fix bug on recent messages repeating on the mailing lists page
  • Fix no data found issue on the dependency tables/charts
  • Various bug fixes throughout the app

Full Change log: https://github.com/LF-Engineering/lfx-insights-ui/releases/tag/v0.1.16