**Insights V3** **RELEASE V0.1.13** **Enhancements**

Insights V3 RELEASE V0.1.13 Enhancements

  • Improve backend performance for Organization and Contributor Dependency and Leaderboard tables on the Overview page. These components now use DBT Platinum models.
  • Improve project key metrics data fetching
  • Started plugins UI clean up

UI Enhancements

  • Update UI cards to be more aligned with the new LFX Style guide
  • Changed progress bar stylings
  • Implement new sidebar navigation
  • Adjusted the Active Days chart width and sizing to be more inline with other bar charts

Bug Fixes

  • Fix export PNG issues on the Geographical Distribution, mailing list components and velocity charts
  • Fix bug on Org and Contributor dependency next page list
  • Fix Active contributors chart not loading on the Reports Contributors section
  • Fix bug on Best Practices flyout side bar error
  • Fix first loading bug on the mailing list summary

Full release notes: https://github.com/LF-Engineering/lfx-insights-ui/releases/tag/v0.1.13