I'd like help installing CentOS Stream 8 for the LFCS

I am having difficulty understanding how to install CentOS Stream 8 to prepare for the LFCS exam. The CentOS website is hard to interpret. What can I do to help myself learn to install the software functionally for my exam?

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Hey @Burtrand_AF_Paulie glad to see you got everything figured out with your LFCS training course.

You’ll have to flash the mirror.iso you download onto a flash drive, and when you do this all of the contents on the drive will be deleted.

But where are you having issues installing CentOS?

Have you found the proper iso on their website or do you need help actually installing CentOS?

Once you have CentOS installed on a bootable drive, upon reboot entering the bios using either F2 or F10 you should see a tab typically called “boot order” and you’ll want to select the drive you installed the CentOS .iso.

Then you would go through the settings, I would recommend enabling network services which is not enabled by default.

Let me know if this helps, or if you have any other questions :love_you_gesture:

Thanks. I was wondering if there was a way to do it from my hard drive. I don’t own any C USB flash drives and probably blanked out because it’s my main workstation. So a flash drive is necessary. Got it. Kob kob. Cin cin…

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My pleasure, yea, a flash drive or SD card is necessary. Hope you get it figured out :rocket:

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Hey Henry. I keep getting a download error about 33% into the download process for x86_64-latest-dvd1.iso CentOS Stream 8. Could it be a Pixelbook thing? I’m not sure if I’m missing something…


Hey @Burtrand_AF_Paulie it may be because you are trying to use a chrome book, I do know you can install Linux kernels using a chrome book. I’ll see if I can find some resources for you.