Help Organization insight by date for all projects

I need to be able to see all the contributions from my organization (AT&T in this case) , for all the projects, combined, since a certain date/for the last quarter/by quarter.

How can I achieve that in LFX Company/Organization dashboard.



Hi @Gervais-Martial_Ngue it was a pleasure meeting you at LFN’s Developer Forum, welcome to our community :wave: .

Currently, to get an overview of all LF projects an organization contributes to you would have to use the following interactive chart scrolling down in your ‘Dashboard’ :

In the top right of this chart you will be able to select any LF project your organization is contributing to, or review contribution metrics for all your projects:

Unfortunately, as LFX Organization Dashboard stands right now we can not filter the date for Organizational contribution data for all LF projects, this would be a good feature request.

@Nadia_Shomali can you take a look at this?

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Thank you for the feedback, will report it and fix ASAP


Perfect thank you @Nadia_Shomali :raised_hands:

@Gervais-Martial_Ngue we’ll let you know when Organization Dashboard is updated.