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Keeping track of all the open source projects and activities that your employees are involved in can be challenging, and you don’t want to miss out on any new opportunities.

Luckily LFX Organization Dashboard provides you with a simple dashboard that recommends new projects of interest for you to support!

Let’s walk through how…

Step 1: Access Organization Dashashboard

To access Organization Dashboard you need to have a Linux Foundation Community Profile. If you do not have one, you can create one here, on the LFX Homepage:

Once you have logged in to your Community Profile you can access Organization Dashboard using the following link at

Step 2: Locate your Organization

In the main view of Organization Dashboard, find the ‘Search Organizations’ field in the left-hand navigation and search for your organization(s).

Step 3: Locate your recommended projects to support

In the ‘Dashboard’ for your organization locate ‘Contributing Non-Membership Projects’ as shown below in the main view.

This list ranks projects your organization is not a member of by employee contribution activity (number of contributors and the number of contributions). Becoming a member of a project provides support to the project and many times offers your organization several benefits that will improve your organization’s impact within the project.

Step 4: Review recommended projects

Click ‘Discover Projects’ for more information on the recommended projects to join.

You will be sent to the ‘Discover New Projects’ page where you gain a deeper understanding regarding:

  • Project summary
  • Amount of contributors from your organization
  • Amount of contributions from your organization
  • Amount of other member organizations supporting the project
  • Additional membership details

Note: You can also use Organization Dashboard to search for projects you are interested in supporting that you may not be contributing to by utilizing the search bar in the top right corner of the main view.

Click ‘Explore Membership’ to view membership details and become a member in a pop-up window.

The ‘Benefits’ window will pop up describing benefits and pricing for the different membership plans offered by the project.

For additional information on the project, such as who in your organization is contributing to the project, click on the project name to be sent to the project page in Organization Dashboard.

On the project, you will be sent to the ‘Membership’ page where you will see additional membership details as well as see other organizations that are members of the project.

To view your specific contributions and contributor data navigate to the ‘Project Contributions’ or ‘Project Contributors’ page of the project.

Step 5: Assess and support!

Because Organization Dashboard shares contribution data from LFX Insights you can quickly identify future projects to support based on your organization’s contribution activity, and business needs.

This provides your organization a central control plane to:

  • Understand what technologies your employees are interested in based on contribution data.
  • Stay up to date with new projects to impact and support that are of current employee interest.
  • Understand what membership benefits projects offer, and compare prices with other projects.

Is your organization supporting or planning to support any new interesting projects this coming year?


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