Getting Zoom access


I’m representing AsyncAPI Initiative that is part of LF for almost a year now.
We finally found time to clear the situation we have with scheduling meetings.

At the moment we use Zoom, and want to stay with Zoom (quality and the fact that we have Restream for free and can connect both to do live streams of meetings)

But we use Zoom which is paid by one of the community members, and this is something that needs to change.

So we need a dedicated account:

  • where we can assign certain community members to have rights to host meetings
  • where we can enable sending Zoom broadcast to Restream
  • where we have no limits in meetings length

Now question is: should we just purchase it on our own, or is there something we can get from LF?
What is the process here?

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Hi @Lukasz_Gornicki welcome to the community!

Per my understanding, authorized project administrators will have access to schedule committee meetings.

You can set these project administrators in ‘Basic’ under your personnel settings.

Right now this is a feature coming soon and would be found in ‘meeting management’
under IT Services.

The process should be automatic and simple, you should not have to provide your own zoom account.

Currently we provide a shared pool zoom account that will be auto-provisioned from a common pool that LFX maintains. Meetings can be scheduled for a duration of up to 10 hours in PCC as mentioned in our PCC FAQ: Project Control Center Committee Meeting Management FAQ - Content & Articles - LFX Community Forums

Can your explain your use case here? Would you need to schedule meetings longer than 10 hours?

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Thanks. Regarding meetings length, I was just concerned in regards to 40min zoom limit for free accounts. Sometimes we have 2h long stream.

So I understand we can use zoom from you. But tbh I have no idea how to get it. I see your screen shot, but I have no idea how did you get it. I never used as single LF tool, so now really sure how to get there. I just played with Bevy few months ago

Also how about access to API. We want to automate meeting scheduling, like getting zoom link, creating even in google calendar and we want to do it over API using Google Actions. Will it be possible with this zoom account?

If enabling streaming is not yet possible with the portal, can it be requested so it is done manually by IT?

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My pleasure @Lukasz_Gornicki, completely understand. Your 2-hour streams should be covered under LFX Project Control Center’s meeting management!

  • Meetings can be scheduled for a duration of up to 10 hours in PCC which affects the duration of the corresponding calendar event, and will have a grace period of 40 minutes after their scheduled end time. If the meeting is still running after the 40 minute grace period, it will be automatically ended to ensure the “line” is free for the next scheduled meeting.

The 40 minutes is the buffer time for a meeting to end…

Essentially there is no new process. The new zoom account is automatically available for use in LFX Project Control Center, with minimal user setup or configuration. An authorized project administrator would just have to set up the meeting. Meetings will be set up using LFX Project Control Center and not Bevy.

Currently, access to the API will be released in a future update, with this zoom account that comes included with LFX Project Control Center, users will not be able to use external plugins. Although automated scheduling can be done through Project Control Center, it should appear on your calendar along with an invite link.

My apologies, configuring streaming in PCC is not available, but the host will be able to configure streaming once in zoom by simply entering the host key.

I would love to hop on a Zoom call and demo this and go over any questions with you to help :slight_smile: .

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I think I need a zoom call, as I don’t get much so far as I’ve never seen LFX Project Control Center. It sounds scary though that API automation is not possible though.

What is your availability?

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Hello @Lukasz_Gornicki I am in UTC-6 US Central time. Are you available anywhere from 8am-11am for UTC-6? Which would be in 2 and a half hours?

I can meet 9AM your time tomorrow, can you send me invite? →

@Lukasz_Gornicki Sounds good, I’ll send an invite out shortly.

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Hey Lukasz and Henry. Just curious to how this story ended. Thanks for working on this.


Hi @Jim_Zemlin , I worked with @Lukasz_Gornicki on merging his multiple LFID’s and setting up his individual dashboard. We also walked through LFX and we walked through OrgDashboard and PCC and he applied for access with AsyncAPI.

We walked through the new shared pool zoom meeting model, where you would not have to bring your own zoom accounts to set up meetings.

@Lukasz_Gornicki where you able to get your accounts merged?

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yup, my accounts were successfully merged. I also got access to dashboard for AsyncAPI. Will not explore it. Thanks a lot!!!


Wooo! :partying_face: assuming you meant now :face_with_hand_over_mouth: this is great!

Let us know if you have any other questions, or feel free to share anything interesting finds for AsyncAPI.

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ups :slight_smile:
I will definitely explore it.

now sure why but it happens to me quite often that I write not instead of now and T is pretty far from W :man_shrugging: subconscious? :laughing:

Haha, no worries Lukas! Enjoy!