Getting started with open source

I was wondering what technologies are required to get started with open source other than full stack coz everyone is doing that and I want to do something different from the mass and be valuable in market at the same time although I’m currently doing data structures.

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Normally, each project would have their own tech stack that they used. If you look at the LFX Mentorship page, you will find description of the projects and what kind of skills they used.

However, I would say that nearly all of the projects uses Git. So, if I have to pick one skill that you will benefit from learning to get started with open source, it would have to be Git.

Also, the folks over on GitHub publishes an amazing guide on getting started with open source contribution. I would highly advise going over that.

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wow @hartanto thanks for the article

@hartanto - Thank you for posting this article. We discuss a lot at the LF the multiple ways people can participate in open source communities.