Getting from the LFX "web site" to the actual application is confusing

I think you are all aware but this issue still exists.


@Jim_Zemlin- Hi Jim, thanks for the feedback. And yes full agreement that the LFX Wordpress home page and site does not have user journeys that promote engagement. There are a few ideas we are looking at in the short term as the planning happens for the new site(s) coming later this year.

  1. Create a new home page that does a better job of directing and communicating how to engage with LFX if you are a member, contributor, new LFID.

  2. Henry and I just finished a demo for the Drift product and there is a lot we can do with that tool.

  3. Create a short video how-to guide on how to access LFX Tools from the LFX Platform

Maybe I can show you where the issue is but maybe a “click here to log in” in a more prominent position in some of the pages would help. I have so much fun going through the application. I want others to as well.

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@Jim_Zemlin - If you have 10 - 15 minutes this week to connect on this, let me know. I am PST time zone as well.