Creating a public community calendar


I’m trying to see how we could create a public community calendar using LFX Project Control Center; right now we do this via a Google Calendar which is a bit of a pain to manage ( example )

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Seems like something it add to the backlog. Thanks for the suggestion.


Not a problem @Jim_Zemlin ! This would be a great way for folks to discover how to get involved in communities more without leads having to specifically add them in, while at the same time great for transparency.

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Hi @John_Mertic good suggestion and I have some good news :slight_smile: … it is on the roadmap for Insights.

Users will be able to view, register, and join project public meetings configured using LFX meeting management through Insights. Our devs have already been working on the functionality due to community requests, and we are expecting the update to release in the next coming months!

We’ll be sure to update the community and prepare you all for the updates coming up.

Awesome - thanks @Henry_Quaye !

Will we also be able to post a public calendar like we do with Google Calendar now as well?

This is a good suggestion as it could also be a great way for LFX to internalize events for users and therefore show them and add value.

For example, if I am in a given project and community events are tracked in LFX, it would be valuable to showcase different types of events for users with similar interests.

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Certainly @jonobacon - thinking something like tagging events both by topic and by audience would be good here.