Capturing chat messages from Zoom

Is there a way to automatically save Zoom chat messages via a PCC generated meeting, even if the meetings isn’t being recorded?

Hmmm, good question @Kenny_Paul currently this isn’t something I believe we do now, but @Stephan_Ebers do you think this would be possible in PCC?

With auto-save enabled set in my zoom profile I was expecting that feature to behave the same way for a PCC generated meeting as it does all the others. Got an unpleasant surprise when I couldn’t find any chat log after one such call. I was just hoping that I was not looking in the right place.

There are often links, contact info and such that get shared by attendees during a meeting. Quite a few of us that have come to rely on the chat auto-save to go back to follow up on those links at a later date.

FWIIW :slight_smile:

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Hi Kenny,
sorry for late reply. At the moment chat messages will not be stored.
I spoke to the team and we’d probably want to add it as a setting similar to recording/transcripts, and then show it in PCC for past meetings just like we do recordings & transcripts.
So, it is possible to implement it, we just need to plan it as a feature.
Thanks for the suggestion.
Best, Stephan

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