Can I use my laptop webcam to take certification exam


I would like confirm if I need a independent webcam to take the certification exam, I have a laptop with a integrated webcam, Can I take the exam with this integrated webcam or I need buy a new external webcam?

I asked this because in the exam condition Important Instructions: LFCS - T&C DOCS (Candidate Facing Resources) make reference that the webcam is capable of being moved as you will have to pan your surroundings.

Please could you clarify this point?

Thanks in advance.
Carlos Saavedra

Hi @Carlos_Luis_Saavedra :wave:, welcome!

I believe you should be okay as long as you have a webcam and are able to pan to your surroundings.

Maybe @Burtrand_AF_Paulie can also weigh in on this with his perspective as I know he’s taken a few certifications.

Have you already taken the exam?

Have you taken the exam?

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Hello Carlos,
The built in webcam on your laptop is OK to use as long as you can perform a room scan with it meaning you’ll have to lift it up and move it around in order to show the room surrounding. I hope this makes sense.
Thank you