Can I have the results of my LFCS exam?

Hello everyone,

Am I able to view the details of my exam results beyond “pass” and “no pass”?

I’m hoping I can find out which questions I answered successfully and which I got incorrect in the LFCS exam I took. I want to know which areas I have least knowledge in so I can improve my knowledge - I don’t think I’ve really earned a qualification if I don’t have a full knowledege of the subject matter.

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Hi @James_Henderson :wave: welcome to our community! @Manuel_Mani , works with our training support team and may be able to help you out here :wink:

@Manuel_Mani are you able to answer my question?

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Hello James,
Happy to help. Details concerning the score report for the LFCS exam (if result is a “NO PASS”) will only go as far as including the 3 top weakest domains as a result of the Candidate’s attempts. This is done because revealing more could potentially reveal how to correctly answer a question.

However if you notice a particular error with how a question was asked you can open a ticket with our support team directly (usually right after the exam so we still have access to check the servers), here -
Thank you