Training - Is there a subgroup to review TRAINING from Linux Foundation

Looking for a sub-group to review the courses found at

The landing pages for each course is very ‘slick’ which is VERY concerning. I want to see actual REVIEWS (good/bad) on courses. Not some cumulative star calculation. I know courses have a 100% ‘guarantee’ but I’d rather rate some sample content of the course before plunking down the tuition and if needed to claw it back if I’m not satisfied!

This sub-group could also rate/review other courses from 3rd part vendors.

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Hi @JohnSimpsonTX, welcome to the community!

Thank you for sharing your concerns, I like your idea.

LF Training does showcase actual training reviews alongside a star rating system on their webpage, and they also offer over 40 free LF Training courses to allow new users to get a taste of the flow of instruction paired with a 100% moneyback guarantee.

However, I can see this space being beneficial for members of the community. Have you taken any LF training courses?

Hi @JohnSimpsonTX, I have created a category for your request here :slight_smile: .
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In all, good suggestion!