Why I am not getting any tasks assigned?

I am new to LFX mentee program . I have applied for mentee program many times . I also applied for 2 programs few months back but still I don’t get the task to be done so that I can get in to the programs . Here’s the screenshot:

No task is assigned to me till now . Am I doing something wrong ? Please guide me how to enroll myslef in any of the programs .

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Hi @Rishabh_Raghwendra,

Good Day! Thank you for reaching out.
Please accept my apologies for the situation here. I see that both the Mentorship Programs, namely “CNCF - Kubernetes Policy WG: Falco Adapter” and “CNCF - Kubernetes: Improve SIG-Node testing using Kubetest2” have now closed their applications.

For the Mentorship Program, CNCF - Kubernetes Policy WG: Falco Adapter, ideally you could have had a response to your application and I am sorry you didn’t get a response as there may have been delays in communicating a response to the applicants.

For the Program, CNCF - Kubernetes: Improve SIG-Node testing using Kubetest2, you could have uploaded your resume and cover letter to complete your application for that program.

Please don’t get disheartened, there is always an opportunity and here is what I would recommend to you next.

  1. Please keep an eye on this page:
    It displays the mentorship programs that are accepting applications and to which you could apply to based on your preference and skill set.
  2. You could create your profile here: https://mentorship.lfx.linuxfoundation.org/participate/mentee, which will be used when you apply for other mentorship programs

I would be happy to setup a call with you to walk you through the LFX Mentorship Platform and explain to you the process of applying for a program. Please drop me a note if you would like to have a call and ask me any further questions you may have.

Thank You and I sincerely wish you a bright career.

Best Regards,
Product Manager - LFX Mentorship


Thank you for your response @Chaitan, and welcome to the community @Rishabh_Raghwendra :partying_face:!

@Rishabh_Raghwendra I hope you could find Chaitan’s response helpful. If you would like to take him up on the offer to setup a call, I would recommend sending him a private message to figure out the details.

You can do this by simply pressing reply on Chaitan’s message.
Then at the top left corner of the response box click the reply to icon and switch to new message.

@Rishabh_Raghwendra - To clear the air on the application process, let me know if creating a walkthrough and expounding on some parts of the application process would help. Hope you find a mentorship program to join, and again welcome to the community! :partying_face:


Hey @Rishabh_Raghwendra, just want to follow up with you, were you able to reach out and get connected with Chaitan?

Also, have you checked out the ’Accepting Applications’ page, Chaitan mentioned to look out for earlier?

Meshery is currently accepting mentee applications for the new year and is also a Cloud Native Computing Foundation project, and it works with Kubernetes analyzing the performance of a mesh.

If this is a project of interest, I would recommend applying!

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Thanks @Henry_Quaye .Yes I have checked about it but first I will like to schedule a call with chaitan to clear some of my doubts as well see the application process . Sorry I was not able to contact chaitan due to some work . I have messaged him personally now

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Hi @Chaitan . I have pinned you in personal about the call . May you schedule a call ?