New vocations and their crazy requests

This week, my eldest daughter(17 years old) asked me if someone who develops open source operating systems, if it could be, Linus Torvalds would answer a survey for his final school project.
She has known Linux since she was little, and the open source philosophy that is applied. Barely a year ago she began to be motivated by this entire ecosystem, and as expected, she has put me in a bind with her request.
It may not be the place, but I’m sure there are people out there who would love to help out a bit.
My daughter has prepared a small document with questions in their drive, which she would like the developer of our operating system to answer, if possible. Not sure that to send mail to Mr.Torvalds was best option if rejects offering, perhaps this option was better.
Thank you and Best for LFX Team.
Santiago Frias
Tech Developer
Tarragona, Catalonia(ES)

Hi @sfrias , welcome to our community :love_you_gesture: that’s amazing!

Hmm… I am not completely sure if this is the best method to get in contact with Linus, but I do know if you are willing to share your survey questions with our community we have several other open source developers I’m sure won’t mind helping your daughter out with her school project! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Henry. No problem for other experienced Operative System Developers. Also if I know their mails, I share my daughter’s google document to participate.
Linus mail was included days ago, if would participate.

Santiago Frias
Tech Developer.

Hi @sfrias , it may work best if you share your questions here publicly and allow the developers here to see and decide themselves if they would want to answer those questions.

Would your daughter be looking for written interview responses, or would she want a recorded call response?

If she would want a written response, I believe someone should be more than willing to help you and your daughter help in our community :slight_smile:

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Hi Henry
Here the questions forwarded to Linus, for everybody who develops OpenSource OSs

Questions about Free&OpenSource Software

Introductory questions

When you were a kid, did you have a special or different education that other children? Did it affect you in any aspect of your life regarding technology?

How did you discover the technology and why did it interest you?

Knowing about free software made you change your position regarding the types of software you would use later on?

In your circle of friends, people you know… were there more people supporting free software?

Did you obtain your knowledge about software before or after “meeting” free software?

Was it difficult for you to access computers and know how they worked in the 1980s?

Did you have any main motivation when you started developing free software? If it is so, which was the most important?

Have you ever given up or wanted to? Why? What helped you at that time to continue with your project?

Did you meet more free software developers? Was a grateful experience? Had they influence you when talking with them? How?

What type of free software do you create?

Linux questions

What is Linux for you?

Do you think that Linux is for everybody? Is there a free software that you think that can be universal?

Do you continue developing free software?

What is the Linux and free software characteristic that you like the most?

What type of difficulties did you have when you were creating free software?

Do you have some sort of inspiration when you are working at something? Did you have one for developing free software?

Other questions

What do you feel is your payment for your work in the free software community? Do you feel that you have received it?

Is your main income job related with programming? Do you enjoy doing it?

Do you have hobbies? What are your favorites?

Do you ever think you made a mistake when refering to free software? What advice would you give someone so they don’t make the same mistake?

Thanks and Best for the Team