My Rewards - Transactions not showing past conferences or training

Good day! I have recently enrolled for CKA training + exam but noticed it is not reflected in My Rewards > Transactions section for the coupon credit. In the same page I have attended KubeCon NA twice in person and those arent there either. Is there someone to contact to get that updated in my profile? Cheers, Tim

Hi @Tim_Pinet first welcome to our LFX Community Forum :wave:.

I took a look at your Individual Dashboard, and I do not see any of your training you enrolled in. This should be automatic, but you would want to ensure you are utilizing the same LFID email for all LF resources and LFX.

If you go to your Individual Dashboard profile and head to ‘Basic Information’ could you confirm if you are using the same email account for your training courses and event registration with your LFX Individual Dashboard profile.

We want everyone to be using one LFID to leverage all of the benefits from LFX and the LF.

You can check your LFID account being used with your LFX Individual Dashboard profile here:

Yes, the email is correct. I enrolled and got confirmation to the same email. As for the KubeCon conferences from 2017 / 2019, I am not sure which email was used but if my name is searchable then we should be able to find it.

@Tim_Pinet I would suggest opening a ticket with our LFX Support team, the training courses should appear on your Individual Dashboard automatically once enrolled with your LFID.

Our LFX Support will be able to take a deeper look into your account specifically and help you there.

You can create a ticket for this by clicking the get help button in the top right here:

Will do. Thanks Henry!

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