Merge my old LFX account in the new account


I used the old LFX account (work account) when purchasing a certification exam (CKS) on the Linux Foundation website. However, I wanted it on my personnal account.

So I want to merge both of them, because the old LFX account contains my CKA badge which is a prerequisite to pass the CKS exam

I have raised a ticket to the support team to merge them into my personnal account, but it is not treated yet.
It is urgent because I need to schedule my CKS exam.

Thank for you help

Hi @saifeddine_Rajhi welcome to our community and thank you for reaching out to us regarding this :slight_smile:

Do you have the ticket number?
I’ll have someone take a look into this for you.

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Hi @Henry_Quaye , please find below the ticket number

I really need to schedule. my CKS exam as soon as possible
Thank you in advance

Thank you @saifeddine_Rajhi I synced up with our support team, and you should have a response on your ticket :slight_smile:

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Hello @Henry_Quaye , I am sorry but I am facing the same issue when I am trying to sechedule the retake.
Can you please do the same manipulation where you have updated my CKS record to recognize that I have achieved CKA.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @saifeddine_Rajhi , the best thing to do here would be to create a support ticket with our training team because these issues are inclined to have PII we can not discuss this issue here:

Using our top nav you can navigate to our Training support here to create a ticket.

Also please note I believe our Training Support queue is experiencing higher volumes than usual so a response may take a bit longer than usual.

Keep us up to date here when you create your ticket, and I’m sure we can help you here, sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience. :slight_smile:

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Hello @Henry_Quaye, Yes, I have already created a support ticket, it was the first thing I have done when I ran into this problem.

Below the link for the ticket

Best Regard,

hello @Henry_Quaye ,

I would like to know if you have any updates for this request. I want to schedule my retake as soon as possible before the end of my voucher.

Hello @saifeddine_Rajhi hmm, I do know our training team has a lot of tickets right now, but let me check on this for you.