Introducing a Master Builder

Hello Community Forum:

The LF published an excellent blog about Kenny Paul’s passion for Legos and thought you all would enjoy reading about his work. According to the blog post, @Kenny_Paul rarely builds anything from a kit, instead building highly complex and detailed models entirely from his imagination.

In January of 2020, he finished second in a competition for one of Legoland’s coveted LEGO Master Model Builder positions, of which there are only 13 in all of North America. His most recent project, possibly the most meaningful, depicts Angel Island, which was established specifically to exclude immigration people of Asia descent and Chinese immigrants.

You can read the blog in it’s entirety here.


Wow, no kit… now that’s a great imagination! Beautiful art, beautiful person, glad to call this Lego Master Model Builder my friend!

Great work @Kenny_Paul !

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:blush: Thanks @Jen_Shelby & @Henry_Quaye. It was a real privilege to help build that model for Angel Island’s “Taken From Their Families” exhibit.

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