Forum front page not great on mobile

The forum configuration here isn’t super friendly on mobile. This is using the Discourse app on Android (which is just a thin wrapper around Chrome):

Basically a bunch of “click here” buttons and no “real” content.

And then once you scroll down, the colors aren’t super readable, with black text on dark blue. I haven’t gotten to the site trust level to post a second screenshot, but it’s easy to reproduce.

Overall it’s probably worth some time working on the site’s Discourse theme for mobile.

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Maybe some of that could be moved to a banner topic? Or maybe it’s just a matter of making the header more responsive to mobile view.

I also suggest finding a pattern other than repeated “click here” buttons — that can be frustrating for users relying on accessibility tools.

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This is great feedback, @mattdm - I agree, it doesn’t look great.

@Henry_Quaye I would suggest hiding this on mobile for now, and then we should have a conversation with @Shubhra 's team about how we can optimize this.

Discourse used to have some limitations in showing different views on desktop and mobile, but that may have been resolved now, and we can fix this directly with CSS if needed.

Any Discourse experts here have any thoughts on optimizing this?


@mattdm this is great feedback and I agree.

@jonobacon sounds good, I’ll reach out to @Shubhra 's team for additional assistance. For now I’ll deactivate the banner buttons for mobile and check the mobile color palette and css.

@mattdm thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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Cheers. We should definitely get a staging forum set up so we can test some of these things first. Thanks @mattdm!


Definitely, I’ll work with @Shubhra and the team on setting this up!