Anyone from LFX team willing to chat about customizing discourse components and themes?

Hi there,

I really like the LFX design and I wondered if anyone could share how to go around designing discourse forum components and themes? Also excited about how it links to the other open source tools

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Hi @IOD nice to hear from you again :wave:.

Most definitely! I had a finger on most of the discourse forum design, but not without a good bit of help from our awesome design team :laughing: @Melissa_Schmidt & friends.

I don’t know if you’re not familiar with how Discourse Themes and components work, but here’s a great link on how to configure and add themes and components, this is where I learned how to customize a discourse forum: Beginner’s guide to using Discourse Themes - documentation / admins - Discourse Meta

After I learned the discourse environment, I forked the open source theme/component repos from the meta forum and customized the SCSS with some awesome graphics provided by @Melissa_Schmidt and our awesome design team.

I used this air theme with a customized background:
:cloud: Discourse Air Theme - theme - Discourse Meta

As well as several components.

Our header submenus:
Header Submenus - theme-component - Discourse Meta

This is the component that links to all of our LFX resources and tools… I thought it would be a good idea to link the resources and tools we love to use and talk about on here… glad someone likes it :wink: :laughing:

Banner component used for our home page buttons:
Versatile Banner - theme-component - Discourse Meta

We customized the html and SCSS a good bit here to match exactly what we need, if you have any other additional or specific questions I would be very open to sharing our forum design code with you :slight_smile: .

Hope this helps, I’ll be more than willing to share if you have any other specific questions.