Batch processing in distributed environment

How shell scripting can be used to detect and trigger actions such as recording, reporting, logging of specific events across the distributed environment. The main odd thing is to pass the security layers which exist around each node. In a distributed environment to allow actions to occur either in local or in foreign node is a tough decision to make, because, it frequently violates security issues.

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Great thinking and question, @pranab.bajpai is our security dev, @pranab.bajpai do you have any thoughts on this?

‘awk’ is used to recognize patterns and generate partial reports. I have been thinking, what if ‘awk’ is modified to be invoked in distributed environment. For example, A,B,C,D,E,F are the nodes connected to each other in mesh network, now from node {C} one ‘awk’ is invoked, simultaneously the same function propagates to {A,B,D,E,F} nodes respectively and remotely the function is executed and finally the results are returned and merged with the result in the node {C}.

How ‘awk’ command line arguments need to be planned & designed ?
What are the modes of access permissions which need to be encountered ?

Won’t be able to add much here about access permissions but I found this article on command line arguments.