Security overview slides

Hello everyone,

Thank you @pranab.bajpai for sharing this slide you made for Security. We’re planning to make a broader push to promote the forum if all goes well next week. As more general LF members become involved with LFX, I believe that this would be great content to share in the forum overviewing LFX Security.

We can also link users to the Security Documentation and our ‘How to install and configure the LFX Security Bot’ post:

Security - Linux Foundation Documentation
How to install and configure bots to secure your projects - Content & Articles - LFX Community Forums

Feel free to edit or make any suggestions regarding any additional LFX Security information we can add to the post here this is a hidden non-public facing moderator channel.

Also if any of you, @ProdMgrs, have any google slide or documentation resource link they may want to post, if you share the information with @Jen_Shelby and I here in moderator discussion, we’ll be more than happy to convert the content into a discourse post :slight_smile:

@pranab.bajpai if you let me know whenever you would like to push this out. I know you may plan to use this for the meetings next week, it may be best to push out after so participants have general access to the slides as well.

@pranab.bajpai. thanks for getting this topic started. I am going to get some time on the calendar for us to review further. I think we can expand on what you have here and @Henry_Quaye and I would like to share a few ideas and brainstorm.