Applying to withdrawn application

Hi everyone, sometime ago, I incidently applied to a certain mentorship and had to withdraw from it. Now, as going through it again, I wish to apply for it but the portal says that I have already applied for the program. Is there a way to apply for the mentorship? Should this query be shifted to the specific mentorship organizers?

The mentorship is Confidential Computing Fellowship

Hello @manas , very sorry to hear this. You should still be able to apply, but because this is specific to your account you shouldcontact LFX Support.

Go to LFX Mentorship and on the top-right corber hit the orange ‘Get Help’ button to navigate to LFX support.

This should take you to our support link here: LFX Support - Service Desk (

Then click ‘Get Help with LFX Mentorship’ to describe your issue and a LFX Support engineer will assistance you with this instance:

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other further questions.

Hi @Henry_Quaye , I was able to get the support as you advised. Thank you very much for helping me out!

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My pleasure @manas. And welcome to the community! Good luck, with your mentorship process!

Definitely don’t hesitate to reach out here on the community if you have any other questions. I was planning next week on coming out with a mentorship guide with tips and advice for both mentors and mentees. But if you’re curious, you can check out the LFX Mentorship guide in our documentation here:

All the best!
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