Recurring meetings for committees


Tried using the meeting management tool for a private, recurring meeting. When I sent it out, it sent out two meeting invites - one for the initial instance of the meeting and another for the recurring event. The only one that showed on my calendar was the initial instance; not the recurring one.

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Hello @John_Mertic, are you referring to your personal calendar, or the calendar in Project Control Center?

If you are referring to the content calendar on Project Control Center, I did not get a chance to test this in my environment. @emsearcy could you assist here?

Meeting scheduling for project committees, for example…

And for the invites, referring to my personal calendar.

Hello @John_Mertic thank you for bringing this up.

I am testing this right now, and will get back to you shortly.

Hi @John_Mertic quick update, upon my tests, recurring meetings are represented properly in personal calendars for all invitees, but it seems there’s an issue with updating the host’s personal calendar.

The recurring invite option should be checked for participants, currently our product developers are working on the recurring bug, where the recurring setting isn’t saving for hosts.

I’ll continue to keep you updated. Thank you for bringing this up.

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Great - thank you!

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