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I want to set up a email, Alias. It says “$150 for a lifetime alias” When I go to purchase, there is a check box for “Auto-renew every 12 months.” So is it a lifetime alias or a $10 a month alias? I’m confused by this. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Good question, I’ll check with some colleagues and get back to you.


Hi @Mike_Walker the If you’re currently an Individual Supporter, you have the option to purchase a email alias for life. Lifetime Email Add-On is a one-time fee: $150.00” and CTA button “Purchase Lifetime Email".

To get the email alias, you will need to be an individual supporter wich is $99 a year.

You can find more information on benefits for Individual Supporters here: Individual Supporters - Linux Foundation

I hope this could help, please let me know if you have any other questions. :slight_smile:


This does help @Henry_Quaye . Thank you for the information.

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