LFX Security features for non-supported languages

Out of curiosity, are LFX Security features available for languages which are not on the supported list?

I’m a contributor for the COBOL Programming Course (and hence 95% of the code is in COBOL) and I’m interested in the non-inclusive language scanner that LFX Security provides, which could make the course more inclusive for everyone.

Currently, attempting to access the project site on LFX Security show an error message that said “No organization found”.

Would this be a limitation with LFX Security or a bug?


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Hi @hartanto,

You can certainly onboard your project and take advantage of the BluBracket code secrets and non-inclusive language alerting features. Snyk vulnerability scanning would show zero results, but hopefully, you can find some value in the language alerts.

Additionally, I recommend most teams incorporate Snyk and BluBracket scanning as part of their normal CI/CD review and release process. You can do this as well assuming you have your course set up in GitHub, GitLab, or another similar repository.

I’m able to log in and see the Code Secrets and Non-Inclusive language reports within LFX Security. Can you elaborate on which option you selected on the authorization page (GitHub or Community Member)?


It was the GitHub selection, and the platform manages to identify me as a contributor. But the error would show up when the report page show up.

Ok, great to know the details. We are still in the process of finalizing the GitHub authorization flow. It requires some coordination between our system, LFX Insights, and the platform datalake. Sadly, it’s not fully supported yet. Are you able to use the Community Member option? Is your employer a member of the Open Mainframe Project and/or COBOL project?

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Ah I see.

Sadly, I’m unable to use the Community Member option. Employer (or in my case, university) is not a member.

The strange thing is, it somehow thinks I’m eligible for the option:


But continuing leads to the “Unable to verify you as a member organization or committee member.” page.


Thanks for your help, David!

@hartanto This may be a messaging issue.

@David_Deal & @pranab.bajpai is this something you all can check out?