I'm trying to schedule a meeting that repeats twice a week and it doesn't look like it works

I use a custom setting (weekly on Tuesday and Thursday) but it seems to only schedule it for one of them. this is the meeting.

Also, when I try now to set it to just repeat on Tuesday, it sets it to Wednesday

Hi @RyJones , this looks like a bug I checked your meeting settings and it is set to repeat every Tuesday but it is appearing as Wednesday, I would recommend that you create a support ticket for this.

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OK. What about the repeating two days a week?

Hi @RyJones for this, you would have to set the repeat occurrence to custom, and then you can select Tuesday and Thursday for the meeting.

Refer to the screenshots below:

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When I set it up with two repeats, this is what I see in PCC versus what I see in gcal:

Hi @RyJones,

We’ve recently deployed to production the latest version of PCC that should have fixed a number of bugs, including the one you mentioned. Would you mind trying again and letting us know if it works?

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Thank you for taking a look into this @asitha, upon my tests it looks good!