Going through each certification course, I didn't realize answering the last question would close out my studies

Is there a way to get access to the curriculum again? I went through the last question thing, and now I can no longer access my courses. How can I reinitialize my access privileges? Thanky…

Hi @Burtrand_AF_Paulie, glad to see your staying viligant on your courses :wink: .

You can access an e-learning course for up to 12 months from the date you purchased, even if you have already marked it as completed.

To access your completed course, login to training.linuxfoundation.org/portal, and click on the Course Completed tab. The “View e-Learning” button will be available for any completed courses that are within the 12-month period of registration.

Let me know if you are able to access your course :slight_smile:

Thanks Henry. You were right of course, I just hadn’t found the tab yet. By the way, I messaged @Shuah_Khan but have not yet received a reply yet. I also can’t find the record, which seems weird as well. I’ll keep pecking…

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Aha! I think I was in the wrong place. I found a forum with my class name on it. Thanks again Henry…

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Haha sounds great! Glad we could help you figure things out @Burtrand_AF_Paulie :raised_hands: