Adding a Task after the Mentorship Applications Close

Me again :slight_smile:

I wanted to add a task after the applications closed. When I added a task, it did not show up in the mentees tasks to do (at least not from the back end and what I see and they dont seem to see it either). I had hoped when I added a task it would email them and say hey you have a new task and then remove the tasks submitted and show them as tasks.

Guessing I needed to add the task before the submissions closed?

Hi Megan,

From my tests, it seems that when you add a task during the creation of the application the task submitted status reflects applicants properly.

But once I add a task after the creation of the application the ‘Task Submitted’ status isn’t properly reflected as we see the added task is still pending.

I brought this up with the support team this morning and created a ticket for this.

Could you create a ticket for the applicant csv bug you were seeing here: CSV Download Buggy - #2 by Henry_Quaye

I can not reproduce this to create a ticket.

You can create a ticket with our support team by clicking ‘Get Help’ at the top right of our tools.

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