The LFX Product Roadmap Is Here

Hello Open Source community:

The LFX Product team has been working tirelessly this summer on new features for LFX and in this post we are officially launching the Product Roadmap for LFX. We heard your requests over the past few months and the team has delivered. :pray:t4:

A big shout out and thank you for your engagement in our community and for your suggestions- they have been spot on and a great example for how we collectively work together and grow open source through LFX. :grinning:

Our Request

Stay up to date with our plans for LFX and see where they lie in our pipeline! Below is a quick walk thru for how to access the roadmap and participate in the future of LFX.

1. View the LFX Roadmap

Under consideration - LFX Product Roadmap for Projects | Product Roadmap (

The road map is divided into several different categories:

Stay up to date with our future plans for LFX, follow through on your requests and see where they lie in our pipeline!

2. Submit your amazing ideas

LFX has come a long way from where we started, and even where we were a year ago, and it is all due to YOU! Our amazing community is filled with awesome people, with awesome ideas.

We want to continut to collaborate and discuss topics here on our community forum, but now we can officially submit our ideas to be included in the roadmap in Productboard.

Click on this link::
Under consideration - LFX Product Roadmap for Projects | Product Roadmap (

In the top right of the nav click on β€˜Submit Idea’ to share your amazing ideas with our team:

3. Rank the importance of initiatives on the roadmap

What initiatives are most important to you? You can now rank the importance of an initiative on our roadmap in any category!

Click on any initiative on our roadmap.

Now select how important this is to you, and explain why in the text box below.

4. Have a question about anything on the roadmap?

By clicking on the share button for any initiative on the roadmap you can paste the link in a post in our community and start a discussion or ask a question about an initiative with our community.


This is great! I added a comment and a new feature. Like others in the open source community I value some insights in whats going on, so thanks for increasing the transparency!

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