The birth of LFN & the beginning of LF Edge with Arpit

Hello everyone,

The story behind LF Networking and LF Edge’s @Arpit_Joshipura, is one of the foremost experts in open source edge computing and networking. Listen to @Arpit_Joshipura’s story in the latest episode of “The Untold Stories of Open Source,” with a look at more than 30 years in the networking industry.

Arpit talks about how companies can profit over 5x engaging in open source for their mission-critical technology.

Check out the latest podcast here: LFNetworking and Edge Computing, with Arpit Joshipura

“You have to like what you do, and do what you like” - this is a great quote I took from Arpit’s story, and I believe the culture of participating in open source encompasses this.

Because I love the open source culture, I like what I do and enjoy helping communities maximize their open source experience.:laughing:

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this story, but let us know what stood out to you!

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