Subscription Center - Individual Dashboard

I recall that we can opt in and opt out of project newsletters/marketing type of mailers via subscription center in what used to be MyProfile and now Individual Dashboard. However, the subscription center seems to have been removed from Individual Dashboard.

  1. Where should we direct people to go to subscribe and unsubscribe now?
  2. Is my understanding that the opt-out checkbox in Salesforce on contact/lead record indicates that the person has opted out of ALL LF marketing emails accurate?
  3. How does a project know if a user has unsubscribed from project-specific marketing emails?

Hi @Min_Yu

I believe these moved from Salesforce Marketing Cloud to hubspot. I’ll check on my end and get back to you shortly.

@Min_Yu to my understanding, this functionality is not currently set up in LFX. We had the capability in the UX previously, but it was not updated with the move away from the Salesforce and transition to HubSpot. For those wishing to subscribe or unsubscribe to specific emails, there should be a link available at the bottom of any emails that go out from the LF or Projects that originated from our HubSpot system. Users clicking on the “subscription center” link at the bottom of those emails, will go to a page that enables them to select or deselect the emails they receive.

We’ll have to ask the LFX product team to comment on the future availability of a working subscription center in LFX.