Question about forked repos contributing to the Insights data for Dent

Dear developers (and @jme )

Today while analyzing Dent’s Insights statistics, the team brought up quite a valid use case for the way their data is represented in the collaboration charts.

Dent has a repository (dentproject/linux) which is actually a fork of the Linux Kernel (a dependency needed in the DentOS project).

This repo adds data to Dent’s technical contributors charts and other commit analysis information which is reflected on Insights as contributions towards the Dent Project.

Ideally, Dent would like to only isolate information that really belongs to the project and have the option of not accounting for information coming from forked repos that they are only using as local dependencies.

Does LFX Insights offer this level of granularity where a project can decide to not account for contributions for one or more of their repos? In other words, is there a way that LFX Insights can present Dent’s statistics without data from dentproject/linux?

Thanks so much for your help

Hi @Jessica_Wagantall !

Yes, and @jme or @emsearcy feel free to jump in, but I believe a project administrator can go into Project Control Center and configure which repositories report into Insights for their given project by going to **Tools > Insights > ‘Hitting the settings cog wheel for their source control’ > Manage > Configure your repositories.

I’ll be more than willing to expound on this in a future post. Does this help?

Thank you for your reply @Henry_Quaye
I was giving it a shot, but seems like in the case of forked repos, this feature is disabled

I think when communities use other repos as dependencies, it is in all cases a forked repo.

Do you know if this feature has been discussed for expansion?

Ahhh, that makes sense. I don’t know of any other projects requesting this, maybe this would be great to add as a suggestion on our product board. Under consideration - LFX Product Suggestions for Projects | Product Roadmap (

Do you know if any other projects aside from DENT would like the same functionality specifically for forked repos?

Thanks @Henry_Quaye , from the projects I work closely with, I can’t think of this requirement being needed.
But I will check with my team and see if they know of this case happening.

Thanks a ton for your reply!