Missing dimension for contributions

Besides commits, PRs, and issues, would it be possible to visualize Code reviews at LFX Insights?

Hi @NickVidal this is a good suggestion. Thinking out loud here, many pre-commit reviews would be represented by commits, but would you like to know how many commits were reviewed before the commit, or be able to differentiate which commits were done as code review.

I would think if your project doesn’t use a pre-commit review model many code review metrics would be practically identical to pull request or changeset metrics. How would you use this?

Awesome suggestion @NickVidal, and also, I love that you put together a mockup. :love_you_gesture:

What do you feel is the main value of this feature? I have some thoughts of my own, but would love to get your thoughts. :slight_smile:

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Reviews are just important as commits and PRs (and usually done by senior developers). The review data is already there on LFX, I would just highlight this and add it to the Technical Metrics overview.


I’m not sure if the review metrics are accurate. In fact, just yesterday one of our developers was surprised that his review comments were not getting accounted for. He pointed out that he left more than 50 comments on a single PR alone, much more than LFX Insights showed for the whole quarter:


Hi @NickVidal this is interesting, @sgupta can you take a look into this? How are we grabbing review comment data, and how often does Insights fetch this data?

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Hey @NickVidal sorry for the delay.I followed up with @sgupta today and he reached out to our QA team on this, and they’re looking into it.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and we’ll respond back here once we get a response :slight_smile:

Hi @NickVidal,

The Insights dashboards for the Enarx project should now be updated. There was an issue with the data sync pipeline which wasn’t syncing data as regularly as it should be. But we have made a few config changes and everything should be back on track. As @Henry_Quaye pointed out we will be watching the pipeline for a few days to make sure there aren’t any surprises.

To answer the question on the the review metrics, on the Github PR → Reviews dashboard we only look at the data related to Pull Request Reviews which includes any PR Review activity i.e. Approved, Requested_changes and Comments. Comments are particularly only review comments (those that are done from within the review box for a pull request. In addition according to Github, any comment made as a reply to a review is considered as a review_comment. Whereas any comment made outside of the review box (or outside of a reply to a review comment) is considered a normal comment, which we call as ‘PR Comment’. Hence, the PR Comments are not included on the PR Review dashboard.
If you are interested in all of the PR activity of the community members, we also have the Community Leaderboard dashboard that shows different metrics grouped by individual contributors. This dashboard can be accessed by clicking the ‘Community Leaderboard’ option from the left most menu


On the dashboard, you can select Github PRs to view only PR specific metrics as shown

Hope this helps. Please let us know if there are any questions or concerns.



Thank you @sgupta for looking into this and solving the issue!

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