LFX Security - Organization not found

I tried to check the results of recent LFX Security scans for our project ‘Egeria’

However when selecting these from the LFX Platform/Security page and navigating to ‘vulnerabilities’ I get a popup (top right)

The page then does not load, I see only a swirling green circle

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In the PCC it seems as if my organization is not recorded (‘odpi’)

And then

Needless to say, at this moment I felt rather ill all of a sudden … thankfully GitHub disagrees with LFX. Relieved…

Is there a temporary issue with LFX? Is there something else amiss.

One thing I did do today was to force 2FA for the odpi organization (something we thought was done, and then agreed to do 2 weeks ago). Could that have invalidated some access?

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Hello @planetf1 hmmm, sorry for the late response. Im at our All Hands event.

Checking on this I was still able to log in and see Energia on LFX Security, and I checked PCC I see that the odpi organization is properly connected as well.

Did you confirm if you had to reauthorize after you enabled 2FA for your organization?

I don’t see any outages that may have caused this.

One resource that may help in general is our status uptime checker, it’s a good bookmark to have in case of any outages: The Linux Foundation Status

Thanks - it’s all working fine this morning.


That’s good to hear @planetf1, did you have to provide any additional authorization after you enabled 2FA?