LFX Project Control Center Updates

Hello everyone!

We are always striving to keep LFX up to date, and doing all we can so none of our users have to miss out on our helpful features due to tooling compatibilities.

Check out a few updates we made to LFX Project Control Center last week:

  • Major feature:
    EasyCLA project configuration support for GitLab.com groups/repos

  • Minor feature: Add “LF Staff” as a member role for project committee member management (“voting” style committees roles)

  • Misc: update URL path components to rename IT Services pages from “itx” to “services”

  • Bugfix: Resolved the issue in mailing list’s member management, for mailing lists linked to a committee, where in certain cases the committee members showed up twice (as both a committee list member and an additional list member). We’ll continue to keep you up to date on LFX updates, big or small.

Let us know if this update helps you! We are always taking feature requests from or users into consideration!

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