Is there a .pdf for Ubuntu 20.04 ~ 22.04 man pages?

I’d like to get ahead in my reading before I buy the hardware for the certification process. Does anyone know of any links to a printable/downloadable .pdf of the Ubuntu manpages for the working versions? Thanky kindly…

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Hi @Burtrand_AF_Paulie sorry for the delayed response here.

Ubuntu’s help page has links to printable .pdf files for their manual pages.

Here’s the manual pages for latest Ubuntu versions:
Official Ubuntu Documentation

Although they do not have printable .pdf installation guides for 20.04 or 22.04, on their discourse community they have a few links to installation guide material: Introduction - Server / Guide - Ubuntu Community Hub

Hope this could help @Burtrand_AF_Paulie did you find the information you were looking for?

Sorry Henry. It was kind of a rhetorical question. I copied 22.04 over to a spreadsheet a couple days ago and I’m still slowly wading into the long term picture here. I’m having to acquire new hardware to take the tests, and it’s not likely to be here till July or so. Asking people is just kind of a default. I forgot to answer my own question, that’s all. Thanks for responding though. Looking forward to getting the first one done before the end of the year. Hail Zorp!! Stay safe and be well. Cheers for beers…

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Haha, no problem @Burtrand_AF_Paulie, it’s good to get ahead. I’ll cheers to that :slight_smile:
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Just curious, could you get it running on your Chromebook? I know it’s possible, but was it not optimal or too much of a hassle to set up?

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