Insights Project Enrollment Guide

Our new version of Insights is now LIVE!

Note: Currently only GitHub projects can be onboarded onto our new release of Insights via PCC. Additional source controls will be available in the future.
From updated dashboards to additional analytics it is now easier to find the data that matters most for your project and communities.

After hearing the requests from our community, accredited project administrators & maintainers are now able to onboard project GitHub repositories to Insights leveraging Project Control Center (PCC)

Here’s how!

Step 1: Access Project Control Center

To access Project Control Center (PCC) you need to have a Linux Foundation Account which is synonymous with your LFX Profile. If you do not have one, you can create one here, on the LFX Homepage:

Once you have logged in to your Linux Foundation Account you can access PCC using the following link here at

Note: You will get the access_denied message if you are accessing the link for the first time.

You will need one of the necessary roles on PCC to onboard your project to our Insights connectors:

  • Project Administrator role: full access to connect new orgs and enable/disable instrumentation.
  • Or Project Maintainer role: can enable/disable instrumentation on existing connected orgs

*Note: Although a user from a particular project may be named as a Project Maintainer, project maintainer permissions will have to be granted on PCC for access.

To request access please create a support ticket here: LFX Support | Help Center (

Step 2: Select your project

On the default dashboard of PCC, you should see a list of all projects, you will not be able to edit any data on a project your LFID (Community Profile) is not affiliated with.

Click on My Projects in the main view and select your project, or use the search box on the left-hand navigation to locate your project:

Now select your project.

Step 3: Ensure your project has connected your GitHub source control

Before we can connect our project to Insights we have to ensure our project’s GitHub organizations are associated with our project and have “Full” connection to PCC’s source control (in IT Services → Source Control).

To do so access your ‘Source Control’ under the IT Services category in the left-hand navigation.

Ensure that the proper GitHub organizations are listed in the Organizations table, and are showing a full connection indicated by the green status icon highlighted below.

Questions on what our connection statuses mean? Check out our documentation here: Connecting GitHub - Linux Foundation Documentation

Users with Project Maintainer permissions can enable, disable, or connect existing or “autodetected” fully connected GitHub org, but they cannot connect a new GitHub org; only users with full Project Administrator permissions can do this.

To request access please create a support ticket here: LFX Support | Help Center (

For more information refer to our documentation here:

Step 4: Access Insights from PCC

Once your GitHub Org for your project is fully connected you can now connect the GitHub connector for your project to our Insights tool.

Under ’Tools’ in the left hand navigation select ’Insights’

Step 5: Connect your GitHub orgs to Insights

The Insights screen will showcase your available connectors, in this instance it will show your GitHub org as shown below.We will be adding additional connectors for Insights in subsequent updates. Click ‘Connect’ as shown below.

Note: Because we have already set up our GitHub orgs or repositories in PCC’s source control, they will automatically be detected and available for your project in the Auto Detected Organizations.

Project Administrators or Maintainers can click Connect to connect to the auto detected GitHub organizations.

Again we can only connect GitHub orgs that have a Full Connection status.

Step 6: Configure Your GitHub Orgs

Your connected GitHub orgs will now be listed under ‘Configure Organizations’. Click “Manage” next to any organization to enable or disable instrumentation for individual GitHub repositories,

Once complete click Save to complete your project’s Insights connection.

Note: if you did not make any changes to the organization after you connected it, Save will be greyed out and you do not need to click it. PCC has still saved that you connected this organization.

Step 7: Enjoy your project and community data!

Congratulations you have successfully connected your project to Insights!

Note once your project is onboarded and connected onto Insights it may take up to 48 hours for your Project to be displayed in our Insights tool. A link to your project’s Insights trends page will be available from within PCC (under Tools->Insights, near the top of the page) once the page is ready.

In the meantime get familiar with our new layout and check out our post on the new dashboards and analytics provided in Insights: New Dashboards, Analytics and More - Content & Articles - LFX Community Forums

Currently, we support GitHub project connectors for your technical analytics but more connectors are coming soon!

Here are our future connectors coming soon we can all look forward to:

Bugzilla, CircleCI, Discord, DockerHub, Earned Media, Gerrit, Git, Gitlab, Google Groups,, Jira, Jenkins, Linkedin, Pipermail,, Twitter, Slack, Wiki.

What connectors are you most excited for next? Hit ‘REPLY’ and let us know :slight_smile: