I need to get an Invoice for the payment of the CKA Certification Exam

From training portal I have registered for a certification exam for Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA). I can have a receipt for my payment from the portal from Purchase History but I need to provide an actual Invoice to my company for my payment with all the details with tax number, date of invoice and invoice number and such…

Where should I apply for such an invoice from the LFX?

Invoice requirements for invoices over €250.00 gross are listed as such in my company:

  • Full name and address of adesso SE - address of a German company location
  • Full name and address of the providing entrepreneur
  • Date of invoice
  • Tax number or sales tax identification number of the providing entrepreneur
  • Consecutive invoice number
  • Designation “Invoice” - for credit “Cancellation or correction”
  • List of the delivered products or services with number or scope / service description
  • Time of product delivery or service provision, where the month AND the year is sufficient
  • Indication of the net price
  • Indication of the sales tax rate of 7% or 19%
  • Agreed rebates , bonuses, cash discounts if not already taken into account in individual prices
  • Indication of the sales tax amount or reference to tax exemption

Best Regards,
Can Saner